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Progress of LNER Brake Pigeon Van 70759 2005 - 2009
November 2009
June 2009
Saturday 20th 6 sets of door posts were delivered, these have made by Brian Oldford better know for his patterns
for castings, using timber reclaimed from laboratory benches donated by The School of Electrical & Electronic
Engineering at University of Birmingham. This has saved the fund over £2000.
08 Shunter D 3937 Gladys backs on to LNER 70759.
Monday 2nd 70759 ceased to be the Bewdley station and LNER (SVR) Coach Fund shop when during a shunt it
was swapped with GWR 1145 which is now complete apart from a few small items and a final coat of paint and
lining out on the town side which will be carried out when weather permits.
LNER 70759 leaving the dock.
And entering the yard to start the next stage in its life.
For the time being 70759 will be used as a workshop for the upgrading of 43600 & 52255, during this time some
conservation and surveying will be carried out and the fine details for the conversion finalised.  

Saturday 7th No time for a rest, we make a start on the survey
of 70759 with the removal of two very time expired plywood
panels, below the varying state of the knee brackets can be
seen the one on the left is mainly rust where the one one the
right is still complete, the plan is to replace all the brackets.

Also with much surprise it was found the nuts on the body
securing bolts could be undone, not bag after 64 years.
Monday 23rd A raiding party went to Bridgnorth to get a redundant dynamo and associated electrics from one of
the Accommodation vehicles.
BGP 70759 at Buckfastleigh,
taken on Monday 17th January 2005
Here are Graham and Bob giving the posts a final sanding before a applying a protective coat of varnish for storage
At Kidderminster.
June 2008
After many months of deliberation the fund has now decided on the layout for 70759.
The above drawing shows the proposed conversion to the vehicle which will take place in the long van end which
the shop currently occupies, after a count up of the spare doors in stock there were found to be sufficient to build
4 3rd class compartments with external doors with 2 doors in the corridor and have room for a toilet compartment.
The guards compartment will be restored along with the short van in it's original form retaining most of the original
Pigeon van 70759 left Buckfastleigh during the evening of 17th March, following a shunt that had been hastily
arranged that morning, and final clearance of stored items by volunteers from the South Devon Railway. It was
unloaded at Kidderminster at about 11:00 on the following morning, and was quickly shunted into No 6 carriage
siding. Once a pad exam has been carried out, it is due to be placed, for the time being, in the carriage shed.
Transport was by Moveright International. Our thanks go to Richard Elliot of the SDR for making the necessary
arrangements at "that end", Nigel Hanson for receiving 70759 at very short notice, and to all involved in the
At least it is now one colour. The domestic window is for the benefit of the shop.
and is a very temporary , easily reversible modification in place of a pair of double doors
Interior of “short” van
The Guard’s compartment
BGP 70759 at Kidderminster,
taken 17th March 2005
The long van end converted to the
Station & LNER Fund Shop
Saturday 4th June the Pigeon van 70759 was moved
from Kidderminster to Bewdley and positioned in
the dock between the Great Western and the
Bewdley Station Funds Coaches,
it is seen here in platform 3 awaiting the final shunt