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Progress of LNER Brake Pigeon Van 70759  -  2014
January  2014
Over the Christmas and New Year holiday cream and maroon paint was applied in the luggage and Guards area.
Two views of the guards compartment
Luggage doors in maroon
Guards cupboard
Power feeds from fuse box to
distribution panel installed
January  30th 2014
70759 leaves the comfort of Bewdley carriage workshop and returns to our open air workshop in the yard.
2 Views of the luggage area. Note the carriage lights.
2 Views of the Guards compartment
70759 ready and waiting
Leaving the workshop
70759 stopped to permit viewing
Back on the move
70759 returns to its old home
July  2014
After coming out of the workshop some time was spent having a general tidy up and clearing the passenger end
ready for the removal of the old freight floor and joists and the installation of new repositioned joists and new floor
for the compartments.
First section to be worked on was the toilet and first compartment
Then it was one section at a time up to the refurbished floor in the freight area.
Here we see the last section of old floor being lifted.
New compartment floor completed
The toilet wall is first to be installed
Then the corridor ceiling
Manufacture of the corridor screens
A trial fitting of mirror and lamps
Two sections of corridor screening installed
Top section to second wall installed
Pictures and lamp shades added to the trial fit
View showing screening for three compartments
View looking down corridor
towards freight end
View looking towards toilet end
Trial fit of corridor door
Meanwhile our wizard with the welder has been
working on the vacuum pipe
and the manufacture of the water tank filler pipes