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GWR 9581 (Formerly 5043) Wheelchair and Buffet Progress 2019 July - December.

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Progress Update 14th August 2019.

Its probably fair to say that the roof repair was not aided by the weather which alternated between monsoon
style rain and unbearable heat. However by 10th July genuine progress had been made, see Pic 1. By this
date the new lower roof sides had been welded together into a pair of 60 ft long strips and riveted to the
original roof. The "Lap Strips", which go across the roof and cover the panel joins were also riveted in place
and the "But Strips" which on 9581 actually hold the roof onto the carlines had been screwed into position.
This latter job was our introduction to the job of drilling and tapping threads to enable 6 mm stainless steel
screws to be inserted and screwed down tight to make the joint. Pic 2 shews how temporary flashing was
used to seal the ends to make them watertight.

Early August came, and the gutters had been fixed in place, see Pic 3. This was a mammoth task involving
members of both the LNER Group and the 2857 Society. About 250 holes had to be drilled and tapped to
fix the two layers of the rectangular section gutters and the front plates accurately in position. All then had to
come off for sealant to be added to the joints before all was re fixed tightly into position using an impact
screwdriver. It should be explained that on 9581 the gutters are also used to firmly hold the edges of the roof
in position. The roof vents can also be glimpsed, attaching 16 of these was a not inconsiderable job which
involved accurate positioning, cutting a 4" hole in the roof before attaching firstly a galvanised steel ring, and
then the shell vent, with sealant in each joint. Pic 4 shews the rubber sealent painted over the roof joints,
together with another close up of the gutter and also the shell vents.

The remaining two pictures shew the difference a week and a couple of coats of paint can make to 10 weeks
of toil. In Pic 5 it looks finished, although at least 2 more coats of white paint, and further "Leak Finding and
Fixing" are required. Pic 6 is from the other end and emphasises the tops of characteristic curved handrails
fitted from the end capping and down to waist level.

The scaffolding will remain in place for a few weeks more to allow any remaining leaks to be dealt with, and
the required extra paint to be applied-then its back to the doors!

Richard G 14/8/2019

3. Gutters.

4. rubber sealant, gutters and vents.

5. With 2 coats of white paint.

6. With the distinctive curved grab handles.

1. But strips and lower sides.

2. Temporary flashing.