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GNR 2701 Restoration 2008

Saturday 16th August GNR 2701 is formally launched in to service
2701 successfully Completed its test run behind the Class 20  from Kidderminster to Highley and back.
In the above photos it is seen passing through Bewdley.

Test Run Video (YouTube Video)

Photos: Richard Hill
With the roof boards in Great Northern Colours fitted, some of the guests are given a chance to inspect the vehicle.
Tim Godfrey the Grandson of Sir Nigel Gresley cuts the ribbon
The ribbon cutting Youtube Video
And is presented with a picture of GNR 2701.
On the return journey from Bridgnorth a stop was made at the Engine House so that Tim Godfrey could present
his Grandfather's Top Hat to David Mee for display at the Engine House.
Friday 15th August Another first for the SVR a train of seven Teak carriages. This could be first all teak train of that
length since at least the early-mid '50’s.
Photo: Richard Hill
JULY 2008
Saturday 26th July GNR 2701 enters service
GNR 2701 is shunted with the set to platform one Kidderminster.
Arrival at Bridgnorth for the fist time and no hiccups encountered.
The first passengers to travel aboard 2701 disembark at Bridgnorth.
And the some of the restoration team who made it all happen.
And two more photos at Bridgnorth showing the corridor side and the set.

Photos: Mike Cranmore & Richard Hill.
Tuesday 8th July after six and half years of toil The big day arrives and GNR 2701 is out shopped.
2701 poses for its ex-works photograph,

The restoration of 2701 is now complete. It will be marshaled into the LNER Set (Set N) during the week
commencing 21st July, and it is expected to enter traffic on Saturday 26th July 2008, almost exactly 50 years after
its withdrawal, by British Railways, from passenger service. Its first return trip will be for volunteers & supporters
who have made this restoration possible, later in the day there will be seats available to enthusiasts and members
of the public.

Photos: Richard Gunning.
Sunday 6th Kidderminster Paint Shop carried out today consisted of vacuuming out compartments again!!! for the
last time, polish the floor, clean the windows and painting the nuts retaining the grab handles.
Above pictures show the finished lining, lettering and the final coat of varnish applied.

Photos: Mike Cranmore
JUNE 2008
Saturday 28th Kidderminster Paint Shop Work carried out today consisted of vacuuming out compartments and
some cleaning and minor repairs were also carried out in 24068 while it is in the mechanical shop see general
news for more.
The compartment side is almost finished and on the corridor side about 400 ft of blue boarder has still to be
applied to the gold line on the beading below the windows.
The sign writing of "GREAT NORTHERN" is now complete.

Photos: Mike Cranmore
Saturday 21st Kidderminster Paint Shop Work carried out today included final adjustment to a number of doors and
removing of varnish from around some 62 windows
The numbering and lining out is now complete on the compartment side and has been flatted down ready for the
final coats of varnish
On the corridor side the numbering is complete and the sign writing of "GREAT NORTHERN" is well underway
And dimension plates were also fitted today.

Photos: Mike Cranmore
Thursday 12th June 2701 is now in the paint shop with most of the gold lining completed and waiting for the blue
border stripes.
A number went on 2701 Thursday. Historians & others often seem to set great store by this, not recognizing a
vehicle by its No until it actually gets painted on.
And by the end of Friday the gold lining and both transfers of "G.N.R" and the second "2701" had been applied.

Photos: Richard Gunning.
Thursday 29th May and another Milestone Passed.
MAY 2008
Saturday 10th information panels where installed.
Thanks goes to Stuart Lamb of Fine line Images for the printing and laminating of these panels

And 2701 is finally on the overhauled wheel sets just a few minor adjustments and the connecting of the brakes to
go before a test run and then in to the paint shop.
Two photos of the re-assembled wheel sets prior going under to carriage note the dynamo pulley.
Also while looking for a spanner we came across the original centre casting plates the wasting on the one edge
was quite severe.
Photos: Mike Cranmore
APRIL 2008
Sunday 19th while delivering some fittings to Kidderminster some photos of the progress were taken.
The fitting of new centre plates which the centre castings are mounted is well in advanced.
Security pins fitted to the buffers and draw gear
The process of getting the buffer height is under way the component parts of the suspension have been
dismantled to get the spring packing right.
The pile of wood on the frames is the spring packing waiting to be fitted.
Internally a small detail has been added the communication cord notices have been added.

Photos: Mike Cranmore
MARCH 2008
March 3rd A trip to the Kidderminster works was made with the view to ease the windows in the toilet compartments.
Another job that was endanger of being forgotten was the changing of the emergency break flags from the small
angular flag to the oval shape as shown in the right-hand picture above.
The pictures above show the flag in the emergency break off (left-hand picture) and in the on position
(right-hand picture).
March 22nd Up on the jacks a last and the accommodation bogies removed the mechanical work can now
The vacuum cylinders have been fitted and connected up. This is the first time for fifty years the carriage has had
brakes !!

Photos: Mike Cranmore
February 3rd one of the last jobs while still at Bewdley
Was the fire extinguisher mountings and retaining straps here we see the various stages of fitting
And the final result. The next time any work will done will be in the works at Kidderminster.
During the week of the 4th February GNR 2701 left Bewdley for Kidderminster works and
LNER 7960 Restaurant Car returned for final fitting out.
The weekend of the 16th of February was spent in giving the overhauled bogies a fresh coat of paint.
And giving the carriage a wash down ready for lining out and sign writing.
The weekend of the 23rd of February, with the carriage in the mechanical department of the works, it had been
hoped by now that the carriage would be on the jacks,  but it was found that the vacuum pipe was too low and
fouled the jacks and had to be adjusted first. So a start has been made on some painting i.e.  The gangway
plates and priming the modified vacuum pipe brackets.
An undercoat of paint was applied to the door thresholds and re-varnishing to areas where damp had got in.
The axle pulley for the dynamo drive was cleaned and had its first coat of chassis black also the running boards
had the same treatment.

All the tasks that the LNER (SVR) Coach Fund can do will help to keep the costs charged by the paid staff down.

Photos: Mike Cranmore
January another mile stone was reached with the delivery of the final set of 3rd class seat cushions.  Many of the
smaller tasks such as fitting of locks, lock receivers, door stops and the connecting up of the communication chain
have been completed. A mockup of two of the display panels for the 1st class toilet area have been made to prove
the concept of a display and information area. We now await the shunt to Kidderminster for the final mechanical
work, lining out and final safety checks before entering service.
January 23rd GNR 2701 was shunted out of its home of the 6 years for the last time in preparation for its move to
And the Snake GWR 1145 was shunted in the place vacated by 2701. 2701 was then shunted in the place that
1145 had been in ready for movement Kidderminster some time early February. For more details of the progress
of GWR 1145 follow this link GWR 1145.
Photos: Mike Cranmore