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MAY 2005
The carriage really starts to take shape with the panelling of the corridor and the fitment of the 3rd class lamps
Again during March, a start was made
on the matchboard cladding in the
corridor, a tedious job that requires
careful & accurate work. By the 19th
April the outside of the first class end
was almost complete.
The remaining 3rd class bulkheads
have been erected during March, the
ceilings being fitted soon after,
plywood cladding cut out and pinned
in place. This photo shows the only
original partition rapidly disappearing
under compartment fittings.
The 3rd class compartment lamps
have been completed. This has been
achieved using a combination of new
and refurbished parts.
Wooden mounts have been made
using timber from the lab benches
Birmingham University.
The brass rim assemblies that were
found in store have been cleaned and
The glass domes have been
manufactured by
Mr Davis of Chance Bro's. Ltd.
(See Acknowledgments page).
The final assembly in position.
Thanks to a Shunt it was possible to
photograph the outside of 2701 on
5th April. This shows the amount of
progress, note the end door still to
be tackled which finance is needed.
MARCH 2005

Fitment of refurbished end door, the start of corridor panelling and coupe luggage rack fitted
On the same day , the polished rack
was fitted in the coupe compartment.
Also just visible (below the rack) is the
heater control and linkage.
The buckeye pins were fitted on 6th
March making it possible to use the
On Saturday 26th Feb, the first short
panel of vertical match boarding was
fitted in the corridor. (just visible on the
right). A week later work started on the
adjacent long section and the centre
three boards are shown here.
The inside of the original first class end
door. It has been rebulit by Peter Milnes
with new sycamore veneer in the top
panels, beading and matchboards. The
remainder is original but needed
dismantling in order to tighten the joints
and several small repairs were hooks
had been screwed on and where the
door been fastened shut. Dave
Massey did his usual excellent job of
staining and varnishing, it has been
hung with replacement LNER lock,
handles and hinges.

Coupe varnishing has been completed and the other buckeye fitted
The varnished panelling in the coupe
was fitted on 6th.
The second overhauled buckeye
coupling was fitted on 6th.
2701 with the lights on.

The first of the buckeyes fitted, corridor frames varnished, first class vents and controls fitted
A set of buckeye couplings have been
obtained and overhauled. The first one
has been fitted.
The 1st class end corridor screens
have been varnished. Panels, match
boarding and beading are still to be
The panelling has been test fitted and
now needs varnishing.
A few lamp shades have been found,
but about 25 are needed and a supply
is being sought. The first class ceiling
vents are original to 2701 the
operating system is new.