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History of Great Northern Railway Composite No 2701.
2701 was built in 1922 at Doncaster by the Great Northern Railway as a corridor composite, with four 3rd and 3 ½
1st Class compartments. It was part of a batch of ten to Diagram 164k. Unusually for the GNR they were to the full
60' X 9" & 9'3" dimensions which in later years became the LNER Standard. From 1934 carriages of this type were
used in the Kings Cross-Cambridge "Beer trains". It ran in main line service until 1958 when it lost most of its interior
in conversion, at Stratford, to camp coach No. 157 for use at Mundesley.
Photo By Dr Ian Cameron Allen
Mundesley Station GNR 2701 or at that time Camp Coach No. 157 is the 3rd from the right
Following the 1963 season it entered departmental service, ending up on isolated track at Boston.
GNR 2701 on isolated track at Boston
Sometime during the 1980's it was purchased by the landlord of The Plough Inn at Swineshead and transported
there for conversion to a dining room. (Click Here for an eye witness account of the Lift)
GNR 2701 Grounded at The Plough Inn at Swineshead
In 1989 a retrospective planning application failed
Article in the Boston Advertiser February 3rd 1989
It was then sold and moved for a similar scheme to the Stoneyford Lodge, Heanor. This also failed.
GNR 2701 Grounded at the Stoneyford Lodge, Heanor
GNR 2701 Interior when first surveyed Heanor
The LNER (SVR) Coach Fund brought it from here, arriving at Kidderminster late in 1994.
GNR 2701 On the road to the Severn Valley Railway
GNR 2701 Arrives at Kidderminster
GNR 2701 In storage at Eardington
After a period of storage it moved to Bewdley for survey work where it was found to require an expensive rebuild
before the equally expensive replacement of the interior could commence. A grant of £85,000 from the
Heritage Lottery Fund allowed this work to commence in 2001.
GNR 2701 At Bewdley
By early 2006 the rebuild was largely complete, and the compartments finished apart from the installation view
panels, linoleum and seats. Work was continuing in the corridor and toilets. The lighting system was in use, and the
heating awaited testing. A pair of the correct GNR Spencer Moulton bogies, obtained from a scrap carriage at
Market Bosworth, had been overhauled at Kidderminster, and completion of outstanding mechanical work. 2701
entered passenger service July 2008
GNR 2701 again at Boston (Photo by Gordon Maslin)