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In the Beginning Below are a Selection of Pictures Taken Between 2000 to 2002
Of Composite Coach GNR 2701
In 2000 GNR 2701 was moved from where it had been in storage at Eardington to Bewdley yard and
the task surveying the carriage for the application for a Heritage Lottery Grant started. No restoration
could be done at this stage.
As can be seen a great many things had to be done before restoration paint striping and removal of
rotten timber and superfluous bits of plywood were but a few.
On the outside it was not much better the panelling in lower right picture is only plywood and would
not last long.
2002 and early 2003
Early 2002 the Heritage Lottery Grant was awarded things started the move all panelling was removed
in side and out.
Any rotten bits of frames was removed and cut back to sound material
The frames were repaired using new Teak.
New panels of Teak replaced the plywood
The first coat of varnish was then applied.
The doors were repaired by a professional joiner.
The interior area was used as a workshop.
With the body re-panelled it was time to start on the roof. The first task was to remove the roofing felt
and replace the roof boards at both ends.
The fitting of the new canvas required as many of the gang to be site as possible.
With the canvas fitted and 3 coats of paint later, the roof vents and emergency break gear were fitted.
And the coupling hooks were fitted.