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Door drop lights are close to
Bulkhead No. 9 is now complete and
as Bulkhead No. 8 the only original is
already in place, compartment No. 8
is starting to taking shape.
Trial fitting of a 1st class compartment
luggage rack.
Trial hanging of a 1st class
compartment corridor door from the
compartment side.
Trial hanging of a 1st class
compartment corridor door from the
corridor side.
The original GNR buffers have been
straightened and refitted. The
straightening work has been done as a

A great deal progress with the corridor screen frame finished and the erection of a number of
bulkheads and even some trial fitting of items.
A trial fitting of a seat and luggage rack
in compartment No. 8 (3rd class).
Luggage rack brackets for the 1st
class compartment are in the process
of being drilled.
The last compartment corridor
screens have been erected.

The trial fitting of a corridor door, a luggage rack and the refit of the buffers
APRIL 2004

With members day approaching there was a push to get something up to put on show.
Assembly and fitting of screens to
go above corridor doors.
1st class coupe compartment
bulkheads have been completed.
Comparison in size can be made with
coupe and with the standard 1st class
compartment on the right.
1st class full compartment.
Trial fitting of bulkhead panelling with
luggage rack and seat framework.
This work was carried out during
members and created a lot of interest.
A view of bulkhead panelling on the
opposite side without the luggage
rack but with a mockup seat back
1st class compartment seat base and
back frame mockup has been
constructed to prove the design.
Rusty is seen testing it while being
asked for a first class supplement by
Richard Hill.
The South Eastern Branch of the SVR
Association has allocated 50% of it’s
raffle proceeds towards the seats.
Close up of the lining out of the
beading with Gold and Blue boarder.
First class end lining out complete with
Richard Hill looking for the rest of the
View of first class end showing the
gangway plate in position, the door has
since been sent away to a contractor
for refurbishment.
The lining out of the beading has been
started on the first class end Gold with
a Blue border.

With the better weather work out side has been progressing well.
The Fixing of beading to the panels
has started.
On the 2nd of August 2701 had a brief
excursion on to the running line to
allow Prairie 4566 out of the yard,
gives the chance to get uncluttered
photo showing the completed beading.