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March 2008

March 3rd it was decided that it was time for a bit of a tidy up.

It was decided that the tent that was put up as a short term
replacement for the gazebo 12 months ago was now lift
expired and more of less redundant with the arrival of the
GWR Snake 1145.
With the tent gone a relative clear view of LNER 7960 was
possible though this was short lived.

March 8th With the tent gone it was realized that a storage
area for materials would be useful, various ideas had been
suggested then a donation of a small garden shed came
out of the blue from a member of the Erlestoke Manor Fund.
(The deck chairs will follow shortly).
May 2008

During one of the shunts last year a third sleeper vehicle
was brought in to the yard to increase the amount of

What with a major part of the line being closed from storm
damage building of access steps got put off. finally in
November while work was light on 2701 we volunteer to
build some due to the timber taking longer than expected to
arrive they were finally finished this month.
JUNE 28th 2008

24068 Brake Compo is currently in the mechanical shop at
Kidderminster for height adjustment.

On further inspection the problem was found to be four
springs or rather four springs in eight or more bits (any one
know a spring make?)

While in the works the opportunity was taken to give the
inside a clean in doing so a number of missing screws were
replaced and a first class seat back was repaired.
General Items
September 26th 2010
During the autumn  gala Kitchen Composite LNER 7960 was put on display at Kidderminster.
LNER 7960 in the catering dock during the autumn gala
First class 2 seat table
First class 4 seat table
Third class 2 seat table