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GNR 2701 Restoration 2006
A change of subject after spending 2
months in the Bewdley paint shop
LNER 43600 is out shopped on the
View from corridor of the first of 1st
class seats that was installed on 22nd.
MAY 2006

On the 3rd May GNR 2701 along with Kitchen Restraint car 7960 were shunted out on to the running
lines of Bewdley Station using the Ruston shunter for coupling trials and to identify any rattles or
movement within the structure of the carriage.
JUNE 2006

Here are a selection of photos showing the advanced state of the corridor and gangways.
JULY 2006

Start of the completion of the end of the third class corridor.

August has been spent concentrating on the first class seating with the completion of the seat back
frames fitting of the springs through to the trial run with upholstery.

September as with August has been spent on the first class seating the seat which was part covered
as a trial has now been recovered with the real moquette and on the Friday of the Autumn Gala
(22-9-2006) the arm rests and seat winds were assembled to the seat back and the installed, only 6
more to go plus the third class.
Monday 30th during a shunt a historic
landmark for 2701 with the first steam
hauling since the restoration began.

October has been much the same more seat construction and the second seat installed in
compartment 1 and one installed in compartment 2. Moving away from 2701 for a moment LNER
43600 was out shopped on 21st after 2 months of hard work by the staff of the Bewdley Paint shop
and it is seen here at platform 2 Bewdley waiting to be put into the set, 52255 has now gone into the
paint shop for the same treatment. Also another shunt occurred On the 30th October using steam
power giving a chance of getting interesting photographs.

November saw the second seat installed in compartment 2. Construction of the final 1st class seat
back has been completed and is awaiting its turn to go to the upholster. At this rate the first class
seating is on course to be finished around Christmas. Also for pictures in the view frames have been
tried out.
3rd class doors in the closed position
viewed from the corridor.
3rd class doors in the open position
viewed from the corridor.

December with the family commitments that Christmas creates the pace has slowed this month on the
larger tasks but has enabled some of the smaller jobs that have been put off have been finished like
the last of the heater controls have been connected  and some for the netting has been fitted to the
luggage racks. The one major task that has been completed is the fitting of the 3rd class corridor doors.
3rd class door viewed from the
compartment side.
This is a Great Northern Railways
advert that has been digitally restored.
It is intended to use it in all of the
Compartment 1 now has the luggage
rack netting fitted and a mockup of the
contents of the view frames has been
tried out.
Also a mockup of the contents of the
3rd class view frames has been tried
Richard & Graham, practising the art of
stuffing the Christmas turkey on the
final 1st class seat back.
Stapling the final edge of the felt.
NB stapler is not required when
stuffing turkeys.
During the Wizard weekend Witches &
Wizards got everywhere one Witch
even her way into a first class
compartment of 2701.
Pannier tank 5764 and 2701 waiting at
the Kidderminster end of platform 2.
View from the opposite side. The side
panels require some small
modifications before fitting along with
the arm rest.
A change of atmosphere photo taken
after dark on 23rd. Note the addition
of the fashion piece along the top to
cover the fixings.
We see here the fitting of the seat
springs. Note the springs have been
strung to a set length.
The same seat in position with the arm
rests fitted.
Here we see the seat with padding and
the final covering before going to the
The same seat from the opposite side.
Here we see Debbie Eaves with her
trial run with the upholstery this not the
actual material, the final colour will be
It’s party time who’s in charge of the
barbecue? But really with space in
the carriage getting less by the day we
have obtained a gazebo to keep the
weather off.
Going on a bender the 3rd class
corridor end kick board is made using
a former here we see the clamps
coming off lets hope its worked.
Success one kick board ready for
finishing and fitting.
Spark guards and gangway bellows
fitted to both 1st and 3rd class ends.
A 1st class seat back just needs the
springs and the wooden base of the
arm rests to be attached then off to
the upholsterers.
View of the corridor looking from the
3rd class end into the 1st class. Note
the panelling is now complete and
varnished in the 1st class end and the
lamp shades have been fitted.
View of the corridor looking from the
1st class end into the 3rd class. Note
the panelling is nearly complete in the
3rd class end and the lamp shades
have yet to be fitted.
The corridor dividing door from the
3rd class end.
The corridor dividing door from the
1st class end.
Close up of the lamp shades. These
are a stock item from a stockist but
adaptors had to be made to suit the
lamp fittings.
End panelling of the 1st class corridor.
With GWR 2857 shunted out a rare
photo opportunity occurred.
Final checks of the buckeye couplings
and gangways before the test coupling.
Another first for photos the corridor
side of GNR 2701 seen awaiting the
first test coupling up to Kitchen
Restaurant Car LNER 7960.
Success GNR 2701 & LNER 7960
coupled up this was followed with some
running behind the Ruston shunter to
check gangway movement and for any
movement of the interior structure.