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Progress of LNER Brake Pigeon Van 70759  -  2015
8th October 2015
Varnishing complete at this stage.
18th September 2015
Carriage gets turned to enable varnishing of the other side
In the van end the fold up racks have been reinstated
The Travelling Ticket Inspectors locker now has a door and a hooks
Corridor door has been finished and fitted.
Note the Number “4”. This door was once used in a sleeper Carriage.
The compartment walls have been covered with Rexine and the lamps fitted.
The photo on the right shows how the completed compartment should look.
The toilet compartment has been fitted out with hand basin and toilet
Toilet seat under construction
June 2015
With the completion of the compartment build work has moved to fitting out both the van end, compartments and toilet
The connection doors have
Been refurbished
July 2015
Work has continued with the fitting of the compartments and toilet.
Heater units, grills and control levers fitted
View of Vestibule and
restored end door
View into Toilet showing
Mirror and Hand basin
Luggage racks and netting installed
Toilet Seat completed and
wash down Plug in floor added
Paper Towel Rack
View not seen often showing the
Guards window and door
Roof Board installed
LNER70759 GWR650 &
GWR1257 (Siphon G) on Sandbourne Viaduct
To see a video of the days shunting by Bernard Strutt, Click Here
30th July 2015
On the 30th of July  a shut was organised to move GWR650 out of the Paint shop and to move LNER70759
from the back siding ready  for the move to Kidderminster.
7th August 2015
LNER 70759 along with GWR 650 and GWR 1257 Siphon G moved to Kidderminster Carriage Shed
3rd September 2015
Carriage is prepared for 4 coats of varnish!
Side sanded for varnish
First coat applied
Pictures have been framed and fitted
14th December 2015
The Carriage entered the Kidderminster Paintshop for Lining out.
View of Compartment and
More Lock adjustment
Adjustment of Armrest mounts
View of the reupholstered seats
Pigeon receiving a top coat of paint
View of Compartment side
With some lock adjustment in progress
Lining Out begins
View of the Corridor side
Masking up for Lining Out