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Progress of LNER Brake Pigeon Van 70759  -  2011
No work was carried out on 70759 in the first half 2011 due to the dismantling of the body and the refurbishment of
the under frames of 70442 this was completed by the end of June. Next the body of 70759 was prepared for
released from its under frames and lifted on to rollers ready for transfer to the set from 70442, this took place on
the 12th July.
The following couple of weeks after the transfer were spent reattaching the body to the frames using a
polysulphide sealant as a bedding compound.
Once the body was secure the floor boards where lifted to make repairs to the floor joists.
New brackets Fitted at joist ends
Floor joists ready for new boards,
note the new body bolt on the right
The body on the Polysulphide bed
On lifting the floor boards it was found that wood worm had been busy and new boarding would required.
New flooring started
Floor completed
Another Section of the fright end has been
And end corner awaiting for dry
weather for a temporary cladding
of plywood.
Guards brake setter positioned
Video of the the body move