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GNR 2701 Restoration 2003
November 2003 the reconstruction of the compartments began.
Completion of end bulkhead
(Bulkhead No. 1) at the 1st class end
of the carriage with the start of
bulkhead No. 2 in the foreground.
Ceiling fitted in the 1st compartment.
View of corridor and the bulkhead of
the 1st compartment.
Construction of bulkhead No. 2 well
under way.
Completed bulkhead No. 2.
Inside 1st compartment bulkhead
No. 2 taken from corridor side.
October 2003 with a very basic digital camera the LNER (SVR) Coach Fund News page was born.
2701 is again a corridor composite
carriage with the third section of the
corridor screen assembled. Work is in
hand with fitting these out with windows,
panels and matchboard.
Work continues on door drop lights
and garnish rails.
Work is in hand to tidy up internal
framework of corridor side prior to
varnishing and fitting of panels.
The fitting of one of the gangway plates.