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GNR 2701 Launch Day Gallery
GNR 2701
The driving force behind the project, Richard Gunning
Volunteers and supporters involved in the restoration
The interior of a first class compartment
Volunteers Tom Root, Richard Gunning & Mike Cranmore
Volunteers Bill Sumner & Derek England.
Upholsterer Debbie Eaves.
Tim Godfrey making his speech
The cutting of the ribbon
Presentation of GNR 2701 commemorative picture
John Leach (SVR Marketing),
Harriet Devlin (Heritage Lottery),
Tim Godfrey
Ann Godfrey, Nick Ralls (SVR General Manager)
& David Williams
(President of the LNER (SVR) Coach Fund)
Richard Hill, Ann Godfrey, Richard Gunning,
Tim Godfrey, David Mee, David Williams
& Sir Nigel Gresley's Hat.
Sir Nigel Gresley's hat and a photo of him wearing it
David Mee (Engine House Manager) Receiving the Hat
GNR 2701 at Bridgnorth

Photos: Elizabeth Turner